Upgrade Announcement: Form and Survey Builder Unleashes Unprecedented Customization Power

We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our Form and Survey Builder that will allow you to craft more dynamic and personalized experiences for respondents. This powerful update now supports custom values in links, providing you with an unprecedented level of flexibility to customize the user journey.

Key Benefits:

Personalized Redirects

With this enhancement, you can personalize the redirection experience based on user responses. This means you can guide respondents to specific pages or content based on their responses within the form or survey. Learn more about how you can personally tailor the user journey.

Dynamic URLs

The dynamic URLs feature gives you the ability to craft links by incorporating respondent input into the URL structure. This means you can generate unique URLs on-the-fly that are dynamically reactive to user-provided information. Check out our blog for a deeper understanding about dynamic URLs.

Parameterized Data

This enhancement allows you to pass custom parameters in links, which can be integrated seamlessly with external systems, databases, or analytics tools. This paves the way for deeper data analysis and integration possibilities, enabling an in-depth understanding of your leads.

Get Started:

  1. Open any form or survey in builder.
  2. In Terms and condition text, click on the link, add custom value in input {{custom_values.my_domain}}, similarly in conditional logic , on submit.
  3. Save and Preview. {{custom_values.my_domain}} will be replaced with the actual value in the link.

Utilize this new feature in the following areas:

  1. Terms and Condition
  2. Conditional Logic
  3. On Submit Action

Experience the tremendous leverage that this upgrade offers by trying it out on your account today. For any questions or if you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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