Unveiling Picture in Picture: Elevating User Experience with Hosted Video Scroll

Unveil an Elevated User Experience with Our Upgraded Feature: Picture in Picture mode on Hosted Video Scroll 🚀

Great news! We are thrilled to introduce a fresh enhancement in our platform that brings your video content interaction to a whole new level. User experience is at the heart of SMBcrm, and every update we deliver aims to streamline and enrich that.

Elevate Your Visual Interaction 🏟️

Video content captures attention like no other. That's why we've added a new option in our funnel/website builder, allowing hosted videos to play in Picture in Picture (PiP) mode as users scroll past the video viewport. With this feature, we gift our users not just uninterrupted viewing but also the freedom to explore more on the page without pausing or exiting the video window.

Experience Smooth, Effortless Video Playback 🎬

We've streamlined the process for using this new feature to ensure a hassle-free experience:

  1. Add a video element to your page.
  2. Select 'Hosted Video' as your preferred choice.
  3. Toggle the 'Enable PiP mode on scroll' in the playback controls settings.

This adaptable feature ensures that your audience stays engaged till the last frame of your video, thereby increasing viewer retention and enhancing the overall user experience on your page.

Hop on the visual content bandwagon with our enhanced feature and elevate your user's browsing experience. Remember to drop by our FAQ section if you have any questions or Contact Us for any assistance required.

🚀 Ready to explore the new feature? Request a Demo here.

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