Unlock the Power of Paid Groups: Monetize Your Community and Boost Revenue

Introducing Paid Groups for Private and Public Communities

We’re excited to unveil our latest feature—paid groups for both private and public communities. This fantastic addition opens the door to leveraging your community platform for monetization and revenue generation.

Private Paid Groups

For private paid groups, users can pay to gain access to premium content and interactive elements within the community. Admins and owners still retain the right to accept or deny memberships, maintaining control over who joins the group.

Public Paid Groups

Public paid groups require users to facilitate payment before diving into the community’s invaluable content.

Streamlined Payments

We’ve integrated with leading platforms such as NMI, Authorize.net, and Stripe to make transactions as smooth as possible. This not only eases the payment process but also encourages frequent transactions, potentially increasing overall revenue.

Subscriptions and Billing

We’re offering both one-time and recurring payments, along with flexible billing periods (monthly or annual). This caters to a variety of user preferences and ensures a steady revenue influx over time.

To spark interest and boost conversions, our paid groups now come with trial days. This trial period allows users to explore the community environment and indulge in your content, all for free. Just remember, that trial periods only apply to recurring subscriptions.

Transparent Notifications

Users and admins will receive comprehensive notifications for each payment processed within the paid group. This level of transparency boosts trust and promotes sustained user engagement.

Creating a Paid Group

Creating a paid group is a hassle-free process:

  1. Start by setting up a group and choosing its type: Public or Private.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Subscriptions and decide if you want to offer the group for free or at a price.
  3. Customize the price details: amount, type (recurring/one-time), billing period, and trial days.
  4. Click “Add” and then “Save.” That’s it!

Interacting with Communities Groups

Engaging with community groups is straightforward. Look out for the “Subscribe for $X” option for one-time payments, and “Subscribe for $X/month” for recurring payments. Follow the payment prompts to gain access to the group.

Private Groups Image

Ready to get started? If you have any questions about the process or need any guidance along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

We have embraced a new identity as SMBcrm, reflecting our enhanced commitment to provided tailored CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.