Unleash Your Creative Potential with Image AI!

🎷 ✨Get ready to elevate your creative process to stratospheric heights! We are delighted to introduce the addition of Image AI to our Content AI capabilities. This isn’t just another feature—it’s a step towards transforming how users generate and share engaging visuals.

With Image AI, users can tap into a new level of creativity, crafting stunning high-resolution images designed to captivate audiences!

How to Invoke the Magic of Image AI


  1. Head over to: Marketing > Social Planner > Create New Post.
  2. Choose: Your preferred social media platform.
  3. Click: The Image icon and select “Create Image with AI.”
  4. Input: Your desired prompt, select your style, and the number of variations.

**Pricing **

  1. With Image AI, users can craft bespoke visuals at one low price (https://smbcrm.com/pricing)
  2. There are no charges for generating the images, it will get charged once you apply it.