Unleash the Power of Automation By Saving Custom Webhook Action Information

Exciting Update: Power Up Your Automation Processes with our New Feature!

We’ve introduced another exciting feature that significantly enhances the potentialities of your workflow automation. Now, users at SMBcrm can save responses within the Custom Webhook Action, adding an extra layer of flexibility to their automated processes.


Here’s how it works

We’ve integrated an option in the action named “Save response for this Webhook.

When activated, this feature allows users to dispatch a “Test Request” to attain a valid response. This response will then be preserved for future reference in automatic workflows.

As users can employ the saved response as a custom variable or condition determinant, it empowers them with tighter control over workflow automation and lets them reach their desired end relatively effortlessly.

Endless Possibilities with Our New Feature!

Leveraging this new update can lead to a magnitude of outcomes:

  • Keep your customer details updated based on a webhook response
  • Build a task list utilizing the same data
  • Transmit saved responses to Google Sheets
  • Use if/else conditions driven by a response

Imbibe this update in your workflow and explore more outcomes as you streamline your processes.

Discover More!

For further details and comprehensive instructions, we recommend referring to our documentation here.

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