Breaking News: Trust Center A2P Registrations Now Available in Non-US Countries!

Expanding to Non-US Countries – Enhancements in Trust Centre A2P Registrations

We are thrilled to inform you that on 4th July 2023, we will roll out the Trust Centre – A2P Registrations feature for non-US sub-accounts! This groundbreaking development allows users, even without a US EIN/address, to register for A2P Brand and Campaign.

Highlight of the new release:

  1. Expect enhanced accessibility as now all countries can use the Trust Center tab. This means if any sub-account is sending SMS to the US using a 10DLC number, they can seamlessly register for A2P.
  2. When registering, sub-accounts must make a selection based on these options:
    • If your business has a Tax Number (EIN for US, CCN for Canada, for instance), select "Yes, the business I’m registering has a US EIN". Known as the Standard Low Volume Brand Registration.
    • If your business doesn't own a Tax Number but has a valid US/Canada Business Address, select "No, the business I’m registering does not have a US EIN". This is referred to as Sole Prop Brand Registration.
    • If the business neither possesses a Tax ID nor a business address in the US/Canada, unfortunately, A2P Brand Registration is not possible. In these cases, we recommend using Toll-Free numbers post completing the registration process.

For a detailed registration guide, refer to this informative changelog.

Important Dates for A2P Registration

  • 5th July: Removal of all Sole Prop Brand with "Info Required status" will occur unless they verify their numbers. Expect an increase in messaging filtering and carrier fees on the unregistered traffic.
  • 31st August: Unregistered traffic will be blocked, allowing only SMS post brand registration.

Note: The A2P Campaign registration currently takes fewer than two weeks – It's the perfect time to apply! For faster approvals, follow these easy-to-understand Campaign Registration Best Practices.

Additional Enhancements and Fixes

In addition to the core features, this release also includes:

  • Auto append SenderID and Opt-Out: Optimized for better communication, the Sender ID and Opt-Out Lang will get added to the first SMS sent to a contact from the Conversations page.
  • Phone Number Type and Billing: Now the number type will be stored in our database for improved functionality on features such as Number Type, Toll-Free Reg, A2P etc. This will also aid in streamlining phone number billing.

We also squashed some bugs:

  • Manual Call Issue: Users facing hurdles with the skip call during manual actions will no longer face problems. The next call will go as scheduled.
  • Call Button Missing: Users assigned to multiple locations were unable to see the Call Button; this glitch has been fixed.
  • SMS Capabilities: Sub-accounts under trial mode were unable to send SMS due to a message “callerIdMapping from undefined”. This issue has been suitably addressed.

Extended information on the LC Phone System Messaging Policy can be found here

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