Take Control of Your WordPress Databases with Our Exciting phpMyAdmin Integration!

Stay in Control of Your WordPress Databases with Our Latest Feature Update

We are thrilled to announce an enhancement that gives you the fastest route to manage your WordPress databases. With this new addition, you gain direct access to oversee your WordPress databases using a widely-used tool known to developers and database enthusiasts — phpMyAdmin.

Harness the Power of phpMyAdmin – Right from Your Dashboard!

This update presents phpMyAdmin directly in your WordPress dashboard. This popular open-source software offers extensive control over your data, allowing you to manage, modify and backup your databases.

Here is how you can make use of this enhancement:

  • Visit WordPress Advanced Settings
  • Look for “Database Access”
  • Enable the checkbox. This is an essential step towards establishing credibility for your DB changes.
  • Finally, click on the “phpMyAdmin” button.

Remember the following screenshots:


This new feature provides an extra layer of flexibility, autonomy, and safety to your database management activities. It’s also a testament to the continuous efforts we put into ensuring you have the tools for a more convenient and empowering WordPress experience.

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