Take Control of Your Calendar Integration

Exciting News for Greater Control Over Your Calendar Integration

We’re always striving to give our users refined control of their integrations, and so now we’re letting you take the reins over your Google Organic Booking. We are introducing a new feature where you can easily disable the Google Organic Booking with a straightforward toggle switch in your Calendar Settings. By switching off the integration, the system will completely prevent any upload of feeds to Google. The result? Your customers will no longer see the option to find and directly book your services from your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Getting Started with the New Feature

Here is a quick walkthrough on how to disable Google Organic Booking:

  1. Go to your Calendar Settings and click on the Connections Tab.
  2. Inside the Account Connections tab, you’ll find the Google Organic Booking section.
  3. Just flip the toggle switch to disable Google Organic Booking.

Toggling Google Organic Booking

Google Organic Booking Toggle

This new feature is part of our ongoing efforts to provide our users with advanced customization options and further empower their decision-making processes. We appreciate your continuous feedback in helping us improve your user experience.

For additional insights, check out our latest blog post. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or request a demo for detailed assistance.

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