Revolutionizing Appointment Scheduling: Introducing Dynamic Team Assignment

Greater Flexibility in Appointment Scheduling with Dynamic Team Assignment

We are excited to announce the inclusion of new Dynamic Team Assignment functionality in our appointment booking process. This key update will offer an improved level of flexibility and control over how you manage collective bookings on your calendar.

Dynamic Team Member Selection in Collective Bookings

In the past, the limitation was set to predefined team members assigned to a single calendar for collective appointments. Now, we are offering you an enhanced functionality to dynamically add any team member to a collective booking. This option is accessible directly from the in-app appointment booking modal.

This enhancement revolutionizes the way you organize team members for collective bookings, offering you improved versatility and simplicity in scheduling.

Build Your Team for Collective Appointments with Diverse Combinations

Along with the ability to add individual team members on-the-fly, you can now create custom team member combinations for appointments without the need for pre-configuring multiple calendars. This blended approach allows for a more individualized and versatile team-booking system.

How to Leverage these New Features

Here are the simple steps to use the dynamic team assignment:

  1. Open the appointment booking modal and choose the specific collective booking calendar.
  2. Click on the users drop-down menu and select one or more team members to include in the appointment.
  3. If one of the selected team members is unavailable, a notification will promptly alert you. You are then provided with the option to switch the user or enter a custom time slot.
  4. The first team member added will assume the role of the appointment owner. If this team member was not initially a part of the chosen calendar, you can assign a custom location for greater adaptability.

Adding Members to Appointment

Customizing Appointment Owner

This update brings a commendable improvement to the appointment booking process. We hope these new functionalities bring ease, efficiency, and variety to your scheduling processes.

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