Revolutionize Your Scheduling with Rooms and Equipment: Optimize Resource Management for Seamless Bookings

Introducing Rooms and Equipment: Efficient Resource Management for Seamless Bookings

We are thrilled to present a game-changing feature focusing on scheduling—Rooms and Equipment. This powerful tool is specifically geared toward service-based businesses, seamlessly managing physical spaces and the tools required to deliver your services.

All About Rooms and Equipment

Rooms – These are particular locations within your business where services are rendered. Examples could be Massage Rooms in a spa or Pedicure Stations in a salon.

Equipments – These are the specialized tools used to deliver services. It varies from advanced machinery to simple chairs or stools.

Just Perfect for Service-Based Businesses

Whether you operate a doctor's clinic, run a health center, or manage a beauty salon, this feature is designed for you! Manage your locations and essential tools efficiently and hassle-free.

The Perks of Using Rooms and Equipment

Craft and Rule Your Rooms:

Define unique rooms within your business, curate a list of necessary equipment, and tailor them as per your service requirements.

Connect with Service Calendars:

Link rooms and equipment to your service calendars for autonomous reservations per booking. This integration promotes efficiency and streamlines the process.

Dodge Double Bookings:

Double bookings are a thing of the past with our smart system! We consider user availability, room, and equipment logistics to prevent overlapping schedules, ensuring a smooth booking experience for your clients.

Note: Each service calendar can be linked to only one equipment. 'Laser Machine', for example, can be connected to multiple calendars, but each calendar must have just one associated equipment.

Leverage this feature for optimized resource management, smooth bookings, and to enhance your customer service. Discover stress-free scheduling with our new Rooms and Equipment feature today!

To see this feature in action, check out this useful guide provided: Reference Link

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Room and Equipment Settings
Rooms Section
Equipment Section

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