Revolutionize Your Reporting Experience with Customizable Dashboards

Exciting New Dashboard Customization Features at Your Fingertips

Revolutionize your reporting experience by leveraging our latest dashboard enhancements. Introducing an array of powerful features designed to streamline your insights, improve data visualization, and fully customize your reporting interface.

Powerful Widget Creation

Customizing your dashboard is now a breeze. Drag and drop widgets into your dashboard to get precisely the insights you need. This functionality levels up your reporting customization, making it easier to track and analyze your data.

Widget Creation Screenshot

Effortless Widget Categories

Locate your ideal widget with ease using our convenient widget categories. Gather insights based on Appointments, Contacts, Opportunities, and more. This handy categorization system fast-tracks the process of gaining valuable analytics from your data.

Widget Categories Screenshot

35+ Predefined Widgets

We've eliminated the need for time-consuming customization. Now, you can access more than 35 predefined widgets from diverse categories, saving you time while delivering vital insights.

Predefined Widgets Screenshot

Diverse Chart Types

Visuals matter when it comes to data. Discover the potential of numerics, Donut charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and horizontal bar graphs to enhance your analysis and comprehension of your data.

Chart Types Screenshot

Full Customization with Your Widgets

Stylize your widgets as you deem fit. Add your filters, conditions, and tweak chart types, thus ensuring your dashboard aligns perfectly with your unique needs.

Custom Widgets Screenshot

Simplified Widget Management

Arrange your dashboard your way! With our edit mode, you can conveniently rearrange, edit, and reposition widgets, creating a personalized dashboard that amplifies your workflow.

Edit Mode Screenshot

Why Do You Need This?

In an era where data drives decision-making, we at SMBcrm are dedicated to providing you tools that:

  • Increase efficiency by adding predefined widgets.
  • Deliver flexibility by allowing complete widget customization.
  • Ensure clarity with different chart types.
  • Provide a User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive edit mode.

How Can These Enhancements Serve You?

Our latest dashboard update boosts your business performance by:

  • Improving productivity: Streamline your reporting process, empowering you to focus on informed decision-making.
  • Gaining better insights: Delve deeper into your data with diverse chart types and custom widgets.
  • Simplifying your workflow: The drag-and-drop functionality and easy widget management simplify the dashboard customization process.
  • Personalizing your approach: Tailor your dashboard to your unique business needs, presenting the right information when you need it.

Brace Yourselves for More!

Hold tight! Our promise is continual innovation. Keep an eye out for:

  • Expanded Widget Categories: More to come – Payments, Emails, SMS, and more.
  • Revamped Reporting Section: An upcoming complete overhaul of the reporting section for maximum benefits.
  • Scheduled Reporting: No more late reports!
  • Multiple Dashboards: Create and manage multiple dashboards.
  • Permissions: The ability to set permissions for your reports and dashboards.

Experience continual enhancement with us! For detailed steps on how to use the custom widgets, click here.


  • Curious about which plan includes this customizable Dashboard? It's available exclusively for our $497 plan and beyond. If you're on the $97 or $297 plan, we recommend leveling up to unlock this feature. Check out our FAQs here.

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