Personalize Your Video Content with SMBcrm’s New Custom Fields/Merge Fields Feature

SMBcrm Now Supports Custom Fields/Merge Fields for Video Elements in Funnels/Websites

Great news for SMBcrm users, you’re now able to incorporate Custom Fields/Merge Fields directly into your video elements on both Funnels and Websites. This provides you with the power to personalize your video content right from your contact’s data.

Upgrade Your User Experience

Previously, our system only supported URLs and custom values in the Video Element as sources. This effectively limited users who wanted to add contact custom fields as a video source.

We feel that every interaction with your customers should offer the opportunity for personalization and improved engagement. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce that all contact custom fields will now work in the Video Element as a source. This means you can draw from your clients’ information to deliver an outstanding personalized video experience.

Now, you can utilize your customer data to drive a more effective and personalized user experience. This produces unique, engaging, and memorable interactions that not only increase conversion rates, but also foster long-term brand loyalty.

Remember, video content is one of the most effective ways to engage your visitors. Make the most of it with this exciting update that brings a new level of personalization to your marketing efforts!

Please note, this feature does not support filling value via query parameters for the video element and custom fields cannot be used for custom embed videos as a source.

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