Level Up Your Email Marketing Experience: Lightning Fast Send and Schedule, Intuitive Text Editor, and Fine-Tuned Permissions

Level Up Your Email Marketing Experience

We are thrilled to announce some fantastic enhancements to our Email Builder designed to elevate your user experience and elevate your email marketing strategy.

Lightning Fast Send and Schedule Page Load

Long gone are the days of waiting around. Our team has optimized queries to squash the vexing bug that used to slow down the Send and Schedule Page load times. Now, you'll experience significantly faster page loads, allowing you to complete your tasks at a remarkably quicker pace.

Intuitive Text Editor Tooltips

We bid farewell to all the confusion. We've rectified an issue where A/B Test Labels were displayed on the wrong elements in the In-Line Text Editor. Starting today, your editing journey will be smoother, seamless, and more instinctive, ensuring a hassle-free email crafting experience.


Fine-Tuned Permissions

We are committed to ensuring the integrity of your operations. We've addressed a loophole where users without permission for a smart list could still select and schedule emails. From this point forward, only users with the right permissions are authorized to access and utilize smart lists, further boosting your security and peace of mind.


These updates underscore our dedication to your flawless and frustration-free email marketing experience with the Leads365 Email Builder. We aim to deliver nothing but the best, and these improvements are just the tip of the iceberg. Get ready for even more thrilling advancements coming your way!

Remember: Effective email marketing is a key component of a comprehensive lead generation strategy. If you want to take it to the next level, consider booking a demo with our team today!

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