Level Up Your CRM Experience: Introducing Sticky Filters for Seamless Communication Management

Enhancing Your CRM Experience: Introducing New Features To Transform Your Communication Management

We're excited to announce the introduction of 'Sticky Filters' in our Conversations module. This feature has been designed with the goal of enhancing your CRM experience and increasing the efficiency of managing your business communications.

With this new update, you can seamlessly switch between various modules, such as opportunities, contacts, calendars, and more, with your conversation filter choices and sorting preferences intact. This also extends to retaining your last-visited tab if you navigate to any other module within the same location. Giving you a unified and streamlined experience is our top priority with this feature.

Refresh and Reload Without Any Hassles

The 'Sticky Filters' feature also mitigates the common inconvenience of losing your selected filters and sorting preferences when refreshing the page or relaunching it. Be it an accidental page refresh or a purposeful relaunch; your choices stay protected.

Flexible Location Shifting within an Agency

For multi-location agencies, 'Sticky Filters' continue to remember and apply your filter and sorting preferences when switching locations. This ensures a consistent user experience throughout the different agency locations, given user permissions.

Consistence Experience Post User Log-outs

Even user log-outs will no longer disrupt your chosen conversation sorting and filtering. After logging back in, you'll find your preferences right where you left off.

The Impact these Enhancements Will Have on Users

These improvements spell a host of benefits for our users, streamlining the management of conversations and saving valuable time.

  • Effortless Navigation: The preserved filters and sorting make conversations easier to manage, providing a consistent user experience.
  • Time-saving: Without the need to reapply filters or sorting options each time you return to conversations, users can save time for other tasks.

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