Issue Resolved: Correct Lead Value Update on Leads 365 Platform

We are excited to communicate a resolution to an issue some of our users were encountering on the Leads 365 platform: the lead value not correctly updating to '0' when moving through a workflow sequence. Our diligent team has resolved this glitch, ensuring better accuracy when handling your valuable leads.

A Deeper Dive Into The Issue

We identified that when leads were moved through a specific workflow sequence, their value wasn't updating to '0' as required. This could have impacted your marketing strategies and lead management process. We understand the importance of smooth lead processing, and we came up with a quick and effective solution.

The Resolution

We're glad to announce that this issue has now been resolved! Now, when leads move through a workflow sequence, their values will update to '0' correctly. This improved functionality allows for flawless management and tracking of your leads through our platform. As a result, your marketing efforts can yield more precise results with accurate information supporting your decision-making process.

We continue to refine our system to make your lead management process simpler, efficient, and above all, effective!

Continued Support

Should you have any other concerns, our team is on standby to help. You can reach us through our contact page. We appreciate your feedback and will continue to work tirelessly to improve your experience with Leads 365.

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