Introducing Your Gateway to Global Business: The Online Store

Shape Your Business Journey with Our New Online Store Feature

We are excited to announce that we've rolled out a new feature for your websites, the Online Store. Now, it's easier than ever for you to display and sell your products or services directly from your website. This feature empowers you to reach customers across the globe, right from the comfort of your account.

Showcasing Your Products in the Online Store

Now you can create and manage which products to display in your online store through our simple interface. This addition offers three core functionalities for presenting your products or services:

  1. Rich Text Description: Enhance your product descriptions with our rich text editor. You can add formatting, alignment, bold, italic, and bulleted or table elements to emphasize certain aspects of your product.

  2. Multiple Image and Video Attachments: Improve buyer experience by adding multiple images and videos to your products. This visually immersive approach can enhance their understanding and trust in your products.

  3. Product Variants Creation: Customize your product offerings by adding variants. Adding different options like Size, Color, Material for the same product can attract diverse customer bases.

Activating Your Online Store

Adding an online store is simple and can be done to both new and existing websites. Just click the + icon in our website builder and you're set to go.

After activating, your website will automatically add five pages essential for your online store:

  1. Products List Page: Displays your complete product or service offerings.
  2. Product Details Page: Provides in-depth product information and explanation of the benefits.
  3. Cart Page: Allows customers to review their selections before purchasing.
  4. Checkout Page: Offers easy input of shipping and email details, with convenient online payment options.
  5. Thank You Page: Confirms order completion post-purchase and offers additional customer engagement opportunities.

You can customize each page to match your brand aesthetics, giving your customers a seamlessly branded shopping experience.

Creating an Online Store: Additional Guidelines

Considering the following key points while creating an online store:

  1. The online store supports only one-time products. You can still sell your recurring products using other platforms.
  2. Activate automated sales receipts, Order Submitted trigger, Shopping cart element inside the email builder to auto-populate line items purchased, and more. These features will work seamlessly with your online store.
  3. Not all existing products will be displayed in the online store. You can pick and choose the products you want to showcase.
  4. Monitor the orders placed, payments received, and initiate refunds using the Orders and Transactions lists under the Payments menu.

Master this feature and leverage your website to its full potential by creating your very own online store.

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