Introducing Tunnel Sync for Gmail: Streamline Your Email Integration and Boost Workflow

Enhanced Communication through our New Tunnel Sync for Gmail

We’re ecstatic to announce the rollout of our advanced Two-Way Sync (V2) for Gmail. This significant update brings immense value by facilitating seamless email integration and improving workflow.

What’s New

Our updated service allows you to synchronize inbound emails from any existing contact directly into your SMBcrm account when your 2-way sync is connected. This feature enhances your control over communications and centralizes your records.

The key features of the new update include:

Seamlessly Integrated with Gmail

You can now effortlessly create a contact and add the conversation into your SMBcrm account while sending an email from Gmail. Plus, outgoing emails sent from SMBcrm will be reflected in your Gmail Sent folder. This not only bridges the gap between the two platforms but also maintains a complete record of your correspondence.

Improved Contact Management

The inbound emails from any existing contact assigned to you will be automatically imported into your SMBcrm account. You can also import new contacts into Leads365 while sending mail from Gmail using our impressive ‘Auto BCC Sync’ option. This feature can be accessed under the settings / my-profile section.

User-Friendly Setup and Configuration

We’ve simplified the setup process of the Two-Way Sync with Gmail, allowing you to configure the feature under the settings / MyProfile swiftly.


Currently, only the primary email of a contact is used to synchronize emails between Gmail and SMBcrm. Should there be multiple contacts in the recipients while sending an email, the conversation will only be populated for the first contact. We recommend taking note of these slight limitations when using the feature.

This significant update ensures a more integrated and efficient communication process by synchronizing your emails and contacts bidirectionally. You can start enjoying the benefits of this feature today via our Labs.

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