Introducing the Show/Hide Field Conditional Logic

We’re excited to announce a significant new feature that will transform how you create and use forms in our system — the Show/Hide Field Conditional Logic.

What’s New?

This feature isn’t just a new addition, it’s an innovation. The Show/Hide Field conditional logic now allows you to tailor visibility of the fields in your forms. This feature lays the way for a more dynamic, intuitive, and interactive form-building process, enhancing user experience by leaps and bounds.

How It Works

To use this feature, locate the Conditional Logic section under the Secondary Header bar within the Form Builder. Here, you’ll find the Show/Hide Field option. After defining and saving your conditions, your form will dynamically adapt to user inputs, thereby offering an engaging and relevant experience for your end users.

Online form conditions setup interface screenshot.

Web form builder interface with conditions settings.

Wondering how to make the best of this feature? We’ve got you covered. Here’s an illuminating screencast to break down the process and guide you: Feature Explainer Video.

Important Notes

Please keep in mind that the conditional logic feature commands precedence over the hidden settings of a field. That is, the visibility of a field is now primarily controlled by the applied conditional logic, ensuring the form behaves exactly as planned based on the user responses.

With this power in your hands, you can now design more sophisticated, responsive forms, taking your data collection and user interaction to new heights. We can’t wait to see the innovative ways you utilize this feature to enhance your forms.

For more details on how to maximize this feature, head over to our FAQ page.

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