Introducing the New Affiliate Sales Trigger

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancement to our product line – a new trigger designed to efficiently manage all successful sales made by your affiliates. This enhancement captures everything from one-time purchases to recurring transactions, and even manual sales, serving as a centralized system for efficient affiliate sales management.

How It Works:

  1. Navigate to Automations > Workflows on your account.
  2. Either create a brand-new workflow or select one that already exists.
  3. Add the newly designed “New Affiliate Sales” trigger to your workflow.
  4. Customize the trigger name to best fit your needs and select the relevant campaign.

This is displayed in the image below:

Here are some possible uses for this new feature:

Send a Congratulatory Email/SMS to the Affiliate

Boost affiliate morale and engagement by sending a personalized message after a successful sale. This fosters a positive experience and may increase the loyalty and productivity of your affiliates.

Send a Notification Email/SMS to the Customer

Promptly acknowledge customer purchases to increase satisfaction and potentially improve retention rates.

Add a Customer Tag for Segmentation

Categorize customers automatically based on their purchase behaviors. This feature enables targeted marketing campaigns that can help boost sales and conversions.

Add Notes and Tasks for a Customer

Improve your relationship management by using a centralized system to track all post-sale interactions.

You can learn more about this new trigger and how to implement it by clicking here.

Experience the power of the “New Affiliate Sales” trigger today and transform your affiliate sales workflow, ultimately driving increased performance and satisfaction.

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