Introducing the Game-Changing ‘Media’ Screen: Revolutionizing Affiliate Manager Interactions

Empowering Affiliate Managers with Our New 'Media' Screen Feature

We're thrilled to announce the introduction of a new, dynamic feature, the 'Media' screen in our Affiliate Manager offering. This exciting feature is set to revolutionize how affiliate managers share valuable branding material with affiliates, significantly simplifying and streamlining the process.

How the New 'Media' Feature Benefits Users

Designed to empower affiliate managers, the new 'Media' screen allows you to seamlessly upload a variety of media. This includes anything from images and videos to promotional banners and documents. The uploaded media is then instantly reflected in the Client Portal, significantly bolstering affiliate-manager interaction.

To ensure all your media files are securely stored and easily accessible, our new feature situates them in a centralized repository within the Template Library. Affiliate managers can thus effortlessly categorize their media files in folders, achieving an unprecedented level of organization.

Through the effortless sharing of content, the Affiliate Manager empowers affiliates to access all latest marketing materials. Such instant accessibility helps affiliates effectively promote your products or services, thereby substantially enhancing brand visibility and sales potential.

How Affiliate Admins Can Use the 'Media' Feature 🤩

To leverage the power of our new 'Media' feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Affiliate Manager and select the 'Media' screen.
  2. Click on 'Add File'.
  3. You will be directed to the Template Library. Here, you can choose to use the existing files, select a specific folder, or upload new media.
  4. The files and folders you select will then be displayed on both the 'Media' screen and the Client Portal screen.

Check out these screenshots below for a clearer understanding of the process:

Media Screen
Add File
Select File
Displayed Files
Client Portal

For additional details, you can learn more from our frequently updated product updates page.

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