Introducing the Game-Changing CRM Document Management

Introducing Revolutionary CRM Document Management

Great news! We are excited to unveil a groundbreaking update in our CRM offerings – Document Management. Now, you can effortlessly manage all your contact-specific documents in a centralized and intuitive hub. Right within the Contact Details page, you will find an innovative "Documents" tab for an improved and simplified document handling process.

This feature is conveniently accessible in the Labs under your Sub-account settings.

Four Key Document Sections

Leverage our Document Management to streamline your file storage:

  • All: Your one-stop solution to all contact-related files. With this feature, you won't have to fumble through different folders.
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  • Internal: This section is designed for storing documents pertaining to specific contacts internally. The "Custom Fields" folder will now house all files linked to the "File-upload" type custom field for that contact. Rest assured, these documents are accessible to anyone who has access to the contact.
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  • Sent & Received: These two are our upcoming features. Soon, you will be able extend your CRM Document Management to outbound and inbound documents via the client portal.

Add Documents with Ease

Instantly upload your files to the Internal section of the document tab. We support diverse file types including PPT, Docs, PDF, various image formats, and CSV – up to a maximum size limit of 250 MB.

Advanced Search Feature

Finding your documents has never been easier. Simply search for files by the name in the "All" section and achieve quick and easy access, without the hassle of navigating numerous folders.
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The inclusion of "Sent" and "Received" sections in the near future promises an even more robust document management experience. Stay tuned for further updates and keep easing your CRM journeys with SMBcrm.

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Introducing SMBcrm

We are thrilled to announce that SMBcrm has evolved!

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