Introducing the Floating Text Field: Enhance Document Editing Efficiency

We are excited to introduce our newest feature: a floating text field element in our Documents & Contract Editor. This new feature seamlessly integrates with the editor, providing users with added flexibility and efficiency in creating, editing, and managing documents.

Desirable Placement and Sizing

With the floating text field element, you can now place text fields anywhere within a document. Whether you need to insert fields in the margins, between lines, or in other unconventional places, the floating text field has got you covered. Furthermore, the floating text fields can be resized to adapt to variable text lengths, adding a touch of flexibility. This feature will not only make your documents more customizable, but also enhance recipiency interaction for a more user-friendly experience.

Assignment Streamlined

Need a quicker, more efficient way to assign text fields directly within a document? The floating text field eliminates unnecessary steps and makes assigning text fields simple and efficient. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to improving user experience and simplifying document creation.

Enhanced Document Viewing Experience

To further improve the document viewer, we’ve added a pointer with auto-scroll functionality. This means that you can now quickly and easily navigate to the next field by clicking the pointer icon, which automatically scrolls to the next available one. [^1^]
[^1^]: image
[^2^]: image
[^3^]: image
[^4^]: image

As always, we are committed to improving the experience for all our users with continual updates and new features. Stay tuned for more!

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