Introducing the Enhanced In-App Appointment Modal: Elevate Your Efficiency

Boost Your Efficiency with the Reimagined In-App Appointment Modal

We're thrilled to announce a major overhaul of the In-App Appointment Modal, designed with the explicit goal of amplifying performance, usability, and your overall experience. The enhancement covers a complete reworking of the in-app booking appointment module, featuring improved View Appointments, streamlined Booking, and advanced Editing features.

Experience the Transformation

The revamp of the In-App Appointment Modal not only improves performance, but delivers several user-focused benefits that alter the way appointments are managed within the app:

1. Performance Improvements: We've significantly reduced the load time for the modals to enhance functionality and speed.

2. Efficient Booking Process: The newly redesigned "Book Appointment" feature allows scheduling appointments much simpler for both existing and new contacts, streamlining the entire process.

3. Simplified Booking Flow: Now users can seamlessly add contacts within the booking details, enhancing efficiency and ease-of-use.

4. Enhanced Appointment View: The refreshed appointment view displays both attendee and guest information in an organized layout. It also includes an expandable attendee section for more in-deep details. The ability to update appointment statuses and perform quick actions directly from the view has been included for convenience.

5. Streamlined Editing: The redesigned feature makes editing appointments intuitive. It's as simple as clicking on the "Edit" icon within the appointment view modal, which will take you to the "Edit Appointment" modal.

6. Comprehensive Display: The updated View Appointments feature showcases all events for the selected calendar or user, capturing events synced from third-party platforms like Google and Outlook.

Boost your efficiency and ease of appointment booking with this fantastic overhaul. Learn more about these features at our FAQ section.

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