Introducing: The Conversations Expandable Sidebar

Expand Your Efficiency with Our Latest Feature: The Conversations Expandable Sidebar

We have an exciting announcement that promises to revolutionize your interactions with our platform.

We're proudly introducing the new Expandable Sidebar, conveniently located within the Conversations feature. This exciting update is designed to make your workflow even more smooth and efficient. With the power to toggle between contacts, appointments, and opportunities, you can manage everything from one convenient location.

Get Familiar with the Slim Panel

We've added a new Slim Panel to the Conversations feature. Located on the right side of your screen, this Slim Panel can be smoothly expanded or collapsed at your convenience. This delivers easy access to your essential information whenever you need it, without cluttering your workspace.

Toggle with Ease Between Vital Categories

The new Slim Panel conveniently allows users to switch between "Contact," "Appointments," and "Opportunity." This means you can focus on whatever content is most important to you at that moment, all within the same panel. No more navigating through multiple screens – all your relevant information is now just a click away!

Right Panel Features for Enhanced Workflow:

Unprecedented Contact Management:

From within the right panel, you can manage all relevant details about your contacts. Name, phone number, email, owner details, tags, campaign associations, and even Do Not Disturb settings – everything is right at your fingertips.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling:

Manage your appointments directly from the right panel. Easily book, view, and reschedule both upcoming and past appointments without needing to go to another screen. Your schedule just got a lot more organized.

Foolproof Opportunity Handling:

Opportunities are handled with even more efficiency. You can create and view all related opportunities, and edit details right from the Conversations area. Your sales pipeline management just became integral and effortless.

This exciting update means your essential information is now all housed in one place. With less time spent navigating through different modules, your workflow can be more streamlined and productive.

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