Introducing the All-New Social Icons Element: Embrace Social Media with Ease

Embrace Social Media with Ease: Introducing the All-New Social Icons Element

We're excited to announce the launch of our Social Icons element, a feature designed to streamline your funnels and websites' social media integration. No more wrestling with custom codes or tedious setups – creating a social bar is now as simple as a few mouse clicks.

New Features

Seamless Integration

Say goodbye to custom codes and long hours spent on setup. With our Social Icons element, crafting a social bar for your funnels and websites just got a whole lot easier.

Comprehensive Social Media Support

Connect with your audience across an array of platforms. Our Social Icons feature currently supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Google Plus, Whatsapp, Mail, Website, Pinterest, with more coming soon!

Customizable Themes

Personalize your social bar's visuals with our range of themes, including Square, Brand, Dark, Light Gray, Rounded Dark, and White, to align it with your brand's aesthetic.

The Advantages

Simple & Efficient

The era of needing custom integrations for your social bar is officially over. With our Social Icons element, you can simply drag, drop, and watch your social integrations fall neatly into place.

Responsive Design

Effortlessly configure your social bar's responsiveness, ensuring smooth operations across various platforms and devices.

Varied Themes

Choose from a wide variety of themes to effectively match your brand's style and appeal.

Getting Started

Getting started with our Social Icons feature is simple. Just head over to Labs in your account settings and activate the new Funnel/Website builder. Dive in and enjoy a smoother, more successful social media integration experience!

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