Introducing Tags and Categories: Boost Your Social Media Organisation with SMBcrm

Organise Your Social Posts with New Tagging and Category Feature

We're thrilled to announce an exciting update to our social planner. By popular demand and as part of our ongoing efforts in making your social media management as seamless as possible, we're introducing tags and categories, a handy way to organise and streamline your content for enhanced engagement and analytics. Here's what you can anticipate this new feature to deliver:

Content Organisation


Keyword or label each of your social posts with tags. Think of these as an aid to sort your posts based on themes, topics or any other strategy you employ. From "summer fashion" to "winter trends", or "casual wear" if you're a fashion enthusiast, you can now align your posts according to trending keywords.


Unlike tags, categories let you classify your content on broader contexts. Take for instance, a cooking blogger can classify their content into "appetisers", "main courses", "desserts", and more. This helps organise your posts on a larger scale.

Content Strategy and Planning


From tracking "infographics" to "video content", tags give you a quick and easy way to analyse the performance of specific types of content. You can leverage this to understand what ticks right for your audience.


Plan your content strategy more effectively with categorisation. Offering a diverse category range can keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Targeted Scheduling


Use tags for deploying your posts at specific times or days that fit best with your content. If "Monday Motivation" is a tag you often use, schedule these posts for Mondays to leverage the most engagement.


Schedule entire categories for specific days or times so your audience knows what to expect and when. This ensures a consistent flow of dynamic content throughout your week.

Your Guide to Using Tags and Categories

  1. Go to Marketing > Social Planner Toolbar
  2. Click "Create New Post" and select the relevant social media platforms
  3. Once you're in advanced settings, create and assign tags and categories to your post
    Tag and Category Assignment
  4. If you're creating new tags/categories, simply type them in and they will be added
    New Tags and Categories
  5. In Social Planner settings, you can manage categories and filter posts based on tags, categories, content type, status, creator, and approval.
    Social Planner Filters

With the new tagging and category feature, take a leap forward in enhancing your social media management only with SMBcrm.

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