Introducing SSO Magic Links: Revolutionize Your Client Portal Experience!

We are excited to roll out a game-changing feature that is set to transform the way you utilize our client portal and individual apps. Our latest feature, Single Sign-On (SSO) magic links, greatly enhances the client portal experience by simplifying and streamlining the user login process.

SSO magic links are designed to reduce friction and boost efficiency. Below are some features that you’ll love.

Now you can generate magic links directly from your client portal dashboard. This is especially handy when using the Courses, Communities, or Affiliates apps. This feature enables swift login and navigation, reducing time and eliminating the need for repeated sign-ins.

Integration Into Custom Menus

Integrate magic links smoothly into your custom menu items, making navigation slick, fast, and user-friendly.

Seamless Access

Enjoy seamless access to your respective apps without having to go through an additional sign-in process. It’s all about making your process simpler and more efficient.

Using magic links is a breeze. Head over to your Client Portal Dashboard and navigate to ‘Actions’. From there, you can ‘Generate Magic Link’ and generate the magic link relevant to your need.


Bug Fixes:

Good news! We’ve rectified the bug that was impacting login to the Client Portal from iframe. Now, you can log in hassle-free!

This is just the start of our journey towards crafting an ever-more streamlined and seamless user experience. We can’t wait to hear how these SSO magic links are enhancing your SMBcrm experience!

In Case You Missed It:

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