Introducing Seamless Receipts: Automate Your Calendar Appointment Payments

Automated Receipts for Calendar Appointment Booking Payments

We are excited to announce they're here – automated receipts for calendar payments! This new feature allows businesses to swiftly distribute a confirmation receipt to their contact or lead once they successfully finalize a payment for booking a calendar appointment.

Customizable Features for Businesses

The feature pack allows you to custom-tailor your receipt with flexibility. You can set a unique title for the receipt, choose a prefix, and start number for your receipt numbers for an orderly system. Additionally, there's the option of choosing a custom email template to dispatch your receipts, giving you full control over how the communication appears in your receivers' inbox.

Hassle-free Delivery of Receipts

The automated receipts are sent as PDF attachments to the contact's email using the selected template. This eradicates any manual process, ensuring your customers receive their receipts promptly, providing a seamless experience for them.

Benefit from Custom Template Values

Enhancing your experience with customization, you will find receipt custom values inside the email builder. This permits businesses to exercise even more creative control and use a custom template for sending out receipts, thereby maintaining consistency in communication and enhancing brand visibility.

We invite you to explore this new feature and elevate your business operations. To learn more about how this works, we invite you to request a demo today.

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