Introducing Payment Links: Effortless Online Selling for Every Business

We’re excited to announce the launch of Payment Links as the latest addition to our suite of tools, designed to make online selling effortless, regardless of your website status.

The Scope

Payment Links allow you to create a full checkout page within moments, ready to share with your customers through any mode, without the need for any programming expertise. This feature is especially useful if your website doesn’t cater to online selling or, if you don’t own a website. Your customers can safely store their payment details for checkout on all Link-activated online platforms, speeding up the whole checkout process.

The versatility of Payment Links makes it an ideal tool for businesses to sell products, services or subscriptions. Payment Links can be easily configured and shared over email, texts or social media within seconds.

Noteworthy Features

Our new product now provides business users with the capability of quickly crafting payment links for any product, be it one-time or recurring, so that a live link can be shared with their customers for prompt payments. Our platform offers a seamless experience to keep track of your payments, activate and deactivate payment links effortlessly.

It’s highly flexible and allows users to customize the link according to their requirements. They can add various options such as different products, or even include their brand text in the payment link. Users can also configure the payment button as needed, with options like pay, donate, subscribe, etc.

As the end customer makes the payment through the shared link, it’s captured in our system. Business users can then view the transactions, orders, and subscriptions (for recurring) made via the payment on our platform.

In addition to all this, our design is fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

Steps to Use

Accessing the feature is easy! Navigate to Payments -> Payment Links -> create a new payment link. Choose a product and a price in the editor, be it recurring or a one-time product.

Plenty of options are available to configure and concurrently preview giving an idea of how the live link will look. Simply click on Preview to redirect to the live link that you’ll be sharing with the customers and start collecting payments straight away!

Future Endeavors

This is just the beginning! We’re working to integrate Email and Email Campaigns, Sms Integration, and more customization options for payment links. We’re also planning on adding more integrations within the platform and ROI Tracking.

Screenshot of an online payment links dashboard.
Screenshot of iPhone purchase interface with trial offer

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