Introducing New Features: Custom Values Folder

Introducing New Features: Custom Values Folder

We are excited to share that we have added even more flexibility and control to your use of Custom Values. We are introducing three key features to enhance your organizing capabilities:

  1. The ability to Create Folders to manage your custom values.
  2. The opportunity to Add or Move custom values among folders, making it easier to manage and use.
  3. The ability to harness the power of these folders in All Your Custom Values drop-downs.

These new features will give you the power to organize and access your custom values in ways that best suit your business requirements. It’s important to note that Custom Values can exist without a folder, so you have the ultimate control on how to manage them.

Organizing your custom values

Folder creation and value management

Adding values to your folders

Overseeing your folder structure

Custom Values existing independently

Folders in all drop-downs

Flexible value management

Optimized custom value access

This update is aimed at improving your workflow, making it easier to manage and locate your custom values. We hope that this faster, more intuitive system will help your work run more smoothly than ever before.

Are you eager to see how your system can be made even more efficient with the use of these folders? Jump over to our request a demo page to see them in action!

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