Introducing Multiple Currency Support for Product Creation and Accepting Payments

Introducing Multiple Currency Support for Product Creation and Accepting Payments

At SMBcrm, we constantly strive to elevate your experience and simplify your work process. In a continuous endeavor to make your business operations more effortless and stress-free, we are excited to unveil our latest feature – Multiple Currency Support for Product Creation and Accepting Payments.

Now, you no longer need to be bound by your business country’s currency while creating products, invoices, or sending Text2Pay links. You can choose any currency as per your convenience or requirement which has been known to improve business prospects, especially when creating specific products for targeted geographies or when invoicing customers from different countries.

Within this new service, here are some of the exciting components we are offering:

Preferred Currency Products: – When crafting a new product for your sales slate, you can now select your desired currency directly within the product creation interface. This gives you the freedom to best serve clients from any geographical location.

Miscellaneous Invoicing: – Have the liberty to send invoices to your clients, either one-time or recurring, in any currency. This feature enables you to better accommodate your global customers and their comfort.

Flexible Text2Pay: – Make your Text2Pay link as versatile as your business requirements demand. Now, irrespective of the contact’s country and currency attributes, you can align your payment link with the best country setting.

Direct Card Charging: – Add another feather to your business efficiency cap by charging a card directly from your Contacts List page in any currency!

Take a look at where to find these updates below:
Screenshot of new feature 1
Screenshot of new feature 2
Screenshot of new feature 3
Screenshot of new feature 4

We hope that this new feature will significantly ease your operations and make your interactions with your global clientele more seamless. Please contact us if you have any queries or need further assistance.

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