Introducing Live URL Redirect Support: Simplify Your Redirect Experience

Get Ready for a Significant Platform Enhancement: Introducing Live URL Redirect Support

We have great news for you! We’re rolling out a significant enhancement to our platform, aimed at improving your URL redirect experience. This update directly addresses the common challenges many users face with manually creating redirects for each URL path combination when connecting their main domain to our platform.

What’s New in This Update?

You are now able to create a single, seamless redirect using “*” as the path and an already connected domain as the target. This enhancement means that any request made to the host and its subpath will automatically be redirected to the same path on the target domain, making things more convenient and efficient for you.

Solving A Common Pain Point

In the past, users have come up against difficulties when trying to redirect specific URL paths from their main domain to our platform. For instance, if you have “” as your domain and want to connect “” to our funnel, the previous settings only allowed you to serve the path “”.

The problem arose when you wanted more specific redirects, like “” to “”. This necessitated setting up individual URL redirects for each page, which could be time-consuming. Now, with our new *, single redirect, we’ve simplified this process.

Here’s How to Use the Feature:

  1. Navigate to URL Redirects under location settings.
  2. Click on ‘Add Redirect’ and choose a domain to be redirected.
  3. Leave the path blank. Set the Redirect type to ‘All’.
  4. Choose the domain where you’d like the redirect to go.
  5. Now, all your subpaths for the domain will be redirected to the subpaths of the target domain.

Please Note:

  • The * URL redirects can only be added if you are the domain owner of the target domain.
  • For the domain that is redirected, the Default page and 404 page won’t be applicable. All traffic to this domain would be redirected.

URL Redirects Setting
Add Redirect

We are committed to continuously enhancing the SMBcrm experience and we take your feedback seriously. We’re thrilled to be able to make your life a little bit easier with this new feature. For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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