Introducing Enhanced Spacing Options for Funnel and Websites Builder

Introducing a More User-Friendly Spacing Component in the Funnel and Websites Builder

We’re thrilled to announce the redesign of our spacing component in the funnel and websites builder. Far less cluttered and more user-friendly, this update allows you to make use of a wide array of units for more precise customization.

Choose From Multiple Units

You can now utilize the following units to customize your funnels and websites:

  • Pixels (px)
  • em
  • rem
  • Percentage (%)
  • auto
  • Vertical height of the viewport (vh)
  • Vertical width of the viewport (vw)

This selection allows for improved customization, streamlining your design process while providing additional options.

What’s New?

Our favorite feature, the slider, is now back, revitalized, and better than ever! Depending on the unit that you select, the range of the slider will automatically adjust. This ensures that your design remains consistent, adjustable, and easy to visualize and control.

Moreover, to expedite the selection process, we have provided suggested values for each unit. These suggestions can be quickly selected to align your margins and padding as you desire.

Here’s How It Looks

Your new user interface will now look like these:

spacing design
range selection
unit options
suggested values

Never has there been a better time to fine-tune your funnel and website designs with SMBcrm. We’re excited to see the unique, user-focused designs you create with the revamped spacing component.

Ready to try out the new feature? Request a demo here and start taking your funnel and website design to the next level.

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