Introducing Enhanced Signature Placement and Color Coding for Efficient Contract Management

We’re excited to announce a key update that will significantly enhance the user experience and efficiency of drawing up and finalizing agreements or contracts.

From today, you can place signature elements anywhere across a document. This vital update has been implemented to address the time-consuming challenge of not being able to put a signature element on the same line as the rest of a contract.

In addition, you now have the flexibility to position the signature field over any other elements like background images, text, or images. This enhancement adds to the versatility and efficiency of designing and composing your contracts and agreements, making the entire process smoother and quicker.

To further improve document clarity and organization, signature elements for different contacts on the contract or agreement will have different colors. This allows you normal in visually distinguishing and tracking different signatories.

Check out the screenshot below for a detailed visual representation of these enhancements:

Signature Element Color Coding Screenshot

With these new enhancements, we’re confident you’ll be able to manage your contracts and agreements with greater speed and convenience. So go ahead, give these updates a try, and experience the difference!

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