Introducing Enhanced Mobile Responsive Editing

Introducing Enhanced Mobile Responsive Editing

We are incredibly excited to bring you our latest improvement: Mobile Responsive Editing in Funnel & Website Builder. With this new enhancement, you can now set different alignments for text, buttons, images, and more for mobile and desktop views, guaranteeing peak readability and design across every device you use.

New Hierarchical Alignment Settings

Users can now set separate font sizes for desktop and mobile views. This feature guarantees optimal readability and consistency across multiple screen sizes, enhancing the overall design experience.

Improved Mobile Editor

We have also upgraded the mobile editor. It now includes options for adjusting text alignment settings specifically for mobile responsiveness. This advancement makes it easier than ever to customize designs for smaller screens.

Exploring the Potential of this Feature

The new feature offers customization for:

  • Button alignment across web and mobile
  • Text Alignment in Headline, paragraphs, Bullet list, etc., across devices
  • Social Icons alignment customization
  • Image Alignment customization

With SMBcrm, there’s now no need to create multiple sections and adjust different alignments in multiple devices.

How to Use

To embrace the new improvement, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the desired element in the funnel builder, such as a headline
  2. Navigate to the element settings and the text alignment option
  3. Adjust the text alignment for desktop (note this change will apply to mobile devices)
  4. Click on the desktop icon, switching to the mobile view
  5. Change the text alignment specifically for mobile (note this change will not affect desktop)
  6. To change the text alignment for desktop again, switch back to the desktop view and make the necessary adjustments.

With this new feature, every change for desktop text alignment will now only affect the text alignment on the desktop.

We continue to work hard to bring innovative solutions to help make your digital experience seamless. Enjoy using our latest feature and do contact us for feedback, suggestions, or queries.

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