Introducing Enhanced Communication with Fixed Special Characters

Updated Features for Seamless Communication – Special Character in Notifications Fix

We are excited to let our users know about a recent update aimed at enhancing user communication experience. If you’ve experienced problems with special characters in notifications sent through workflows, we’ve got good news for you.

In previous versions, notifications with characters like ampersands or hashes were being correctly delivered, but they were displayed in Unicode format when viewed on mobile devices. This issue might have made your messages look less professional and confusing to some recipients.

We understand the importance of every detail in your communication. The last thing you’d want is for a message to be misread or misunderstood because of a distorted special character. Hence, we initiated a fix to address this concern.

Improvement Details

This recent update ensures that all special characters, including ampersands, hashes amongst others, now display correctly when notifications are viewed on mobile devices. Keeping aligned with our commitment in delivering the best user experience possible, this update ensures that your messages arrive seamlessly and are readable across all platforms.

This update is automatically included and requires no additional action from your end. Existing workflows with special characters in notifications will be updated instantly, and all future workflows will have this feature as standard. True to the essence of seamless integration and superior communication!

By continually updating our software features, we strive to give you a software experience that is ever-evolving, and more importantly, beneficial to your work processes.

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