Introducing Enhanced Bot Training: Revolutionize Conversation AI with Google Docs!

What's New in Conversation AI? Enhanced Bot Training with Google Docs

We're thrilled to disclose a much-requested and beneficial feature for Conversation AI – the ability to optimize the bot's understanding using Google Docs. This breakthrough feature introduces an innovative way for users to bolster the bot's comprehension and communication abilities.

The Latest Update

User-friendly Google Doc links are now a resource you can utilize to instruct the Conversation AI bot.

The Process

  • Gathering Input: Compile any useful information into a Google Doc. This content can range from files, PDFs, or documents, to websites, manuals, and more.
  • Liberal Format: You are free to use diverse formats such as free-form text or question & answer structures. Alternatively, feel free to just copy and paste content from multiple sources into the Google Doc.
  • Access to Document: Make sure to change the Google Doc's permission setting to "Anyone with the Link can View".Training Bot Image
  • Training the Bot: Finally, input the URL into the WebURL Based Bot training section to begin educating the bot with the recently assembled content.

Ready to Boost Your Bot's Capabilities?

As this innovative training process unfolds, get set for a significant enhancement in your bot’s intelligence and efficiency! Make sure to check out the full update details in the product updates section.

Remember, the more you train your bot, the better it gets!

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