Introducing Embed Objects: Seamlessly Integrate Varied Online Content into Your Dashboards!

We are excited to introduce our new Embed Objects feature, allowing you to seamlessly integrate varied online content into your dashboards using iframes. This feature offers a new way to include web pages, Google Data Studio reports, Google Docs, slideshows, calendars, Loom videos, YouTube videos, social media posts, feeds and beyond onto your dashboards!

How This Benefits You:

  • Centralized Insights: Embed content from third-party platforms like calendars, YouTube videos, or widgets, providing a consolidated view of all crucial information right within your account dashboard.
  • Data Simplification: With this tool, scattered data becomes a thing of the past. Centralize external reports and media directly on your dashboards, transforming your workflow, and making crucial information more accessible.
  • Interactive Experience: Enjoy a more immersive data visualization experience. Interact with various insights easily without switching between platforms, gaining a comprehensive perspective for more informed decision-making.

How to Add Embed Objects to Your Dashboard:

Image Step 1-4

  1. Click on the dashboard’s edit icon, then click, “Add Widget.”
  2. Navigate to the “Objects” tab and click on “Embed.”
  3. Enter your desired title.

Image Step 5

  1. Choose the type:
    • URL: To embed a specific URL, make sure it is fully qualified. Example URL:
    • IFRAME: If your source provides an iframe code, select this option and paste the code in the text box. Example IFRAME Code: <iframe src="">

Image Step 6

  1. Optionally, hide the title for the embedded widget by choosing “Hide Title” in the advanced settings.


  1. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

Embedding Different Content Types:

You can learn more on embedding content from sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many more right on your dashboard! Enhance the look and feel of your dashboards with dynamic content, making data visualization more interactive and engaging.

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