Introducing Default Settings for Affiliate Campaigns

Exciting Product Update: Default Settings for Affiliate Campaigns Now Available

Great news! We are thrilled to introduce default settings for affiliate campaigns. This new feature is designed to make your affiliate campaign set-up process quicker, more efficient, and more straightforward.

What’s New:

We have rolled out two primary features in this update:

  1. Default Values: You now have the ability to set default values in affiliate campaign settings. This streamlines the process of creating new campaigns and ensures consistency across your projects.
  2. Time-Saving Configuration: This update is all about saving you valuable time. Once you’ve configured your preferred default values, these will be automatically applied each time you create a new affiliate campaign.

Customize Your Settings:

You can now personalize the following default settings to suit your needs:

  • Payout Terms: Define your default payout terms for all your campaigns to streamline your affiliate reward system.
  • Affiliate Welcome Email Template: Select the default email that new affiliates receive upon joining. This ensures your welcome communications stay consistent and on-brand.
  • Cookie Life: Choose default cookie life settings to track and attribute affiliate sales accurately.

You can find all these customizations under the “Default Campaign Settings” tab within your Affiliate Manager Settings.

Affiliate marketing platform settings interface screenshot.

Affiliate marketing platform settings interface.



This update is designed to help you enhance your affiliate management experience, making it easier and more intuitive.

How To Use the New Settings:

To explore and adjust these default settings, simply:

  1. Navigate to your Affiliate Manager on your dashboard.
  2. Select the “Settings” option.
  3. Click on the “Default Campaign Settings” tab to explore and customize your default options.

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