Introducing Customize Calendar Widget

Exciting News! Customize Your Calendar Widget for Personalized Functionality

We are delighted to announce the new Customize Calendar Widget feature. This powerful tool allows you to modify your widget's appearance and functionality to reflect your brand and business needs.

Unleash Your Creativity with Customizations

The new feature offers flexibility to change the look and feel of your widget. From personalizing colors and button text to creating a uniquely engaging experience, take control of how your calendar works and looks.

What can you customize?

  • Primary Color: This customization changes the color for buttons, dates, time slots, and actions in your calendar. It's time to add a touch of your brand color.

  • Background Color: Create an appealing visual backdrop for your calendar by setting a color that complements your brand palette.

  • Button Text: More control over your users' experience as you can modify the text displayed on the booking button. Examples include "Schedule Meeting", "Book Appointment", and more.

  • Hide Calendar Details: For a clean and focused display, you have the option to hide Calendar Name, Description, and other details.

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Important Notes

Please note the following:

  1. The customization features only work with the Neo Widget.

  2. To streamline the process of booking an appointment, we have removed the "Continue" button. This applies when you customize the Calendar settings. Thus, if you have added any CSS Customizations, please ensure that you make the respective changes.

With this new feature, your widget stops being just a tool and becomes an extension of your brand, mirroring your unique business requirements. We encourage you to explore these options to create a seamless user experience.

For further information, access more product updates on our site.

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