Introducing Custom Field Preview in Email Builder

Introducing Custom Field Preview in Email Builder

We are thrilled to introduce a significant enhancement to our email builder's preview screen – the Preview Feature for Custom Field Rendering of contact information.

Previously, users faced challenges in previewing custom field data for multiple contacts and often had to rely on the cumbersome process of sending bulky test emails. Each test email brought additional costs, was time-consuming, and sometimes required creating fake test cases for comprehensive coverage.

Here at SMBcrm, our goal is to make your email campaigns more efficient and cost-effective. As such, we have developed a new feature allowing you to preview precisely how custom fields will appear for your respective clients before sending out any emails.

What This Means for You

With our new Preview Feature for Custom Field Rendering:

  • Reduce costs associated with sending test emails
  • Save time by effortlessly previewing custom field rendering for multiple contacts at once
  • Ensure a flawless display of custom fields across various email clients without the need for extensive testing.

How to Use the Feature

To take advantage of this new feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Marketing -> Email Templates and create your personalized email.
  2. Within the Email Builder, incorporate custom fields of the contact based on your preferences.
    How to Incorporate Custom Fields
  3. Click on the three dots located at the top right corner to access the Preview Template option.
    Preview Template Option
  4. On the Preview screen, locate and select Preview Contact Info at the upper right corner.
    Preview Contact Info
  5. By default, a contact's information is displayed in the email. To preview as a specific contact, simply search for the desired contact from the search bar.
    Search for the Desired Contact
  6. You'll observe the contact's information and custom field data on the right panel, alongside the email preview on the left.
    Email Preview
  7. Utilize the search bar once more to find a different customer for further previewing.

This new feature simplifies your testing process and ensures that your campaigns are more personalized, efficient, and in line with your customers' needs.

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