Exciting Upgrades for a Seamless Mobile Experience

Enhancements for a Seamless Mobile Experience

We’re excited to share wonderful upgrades to SMBcrm, specifically designed to enhance the mobile user experience.

The New Hamburger Menu and Side Bar

Get quick and easy access to essential functionalities, previously missing from the mobile device experience. The new Hamburger Menu ensures optimal accessibility, allowing you to navigate our interface effortlessly. Simultaneously, the Side Bar brings organization into the user experience like never before.

Channel and Group Switching Now Available on Mobile Devices

Switching between channels and groups just got better and easier with our intuitive interface. Now on any mobile device, access the Switch Channel and Group features. Explore seamless navigation experience now also conveniently available on mobile devices.

Introducing the Bottom Navigation Bar

We present the new Bottom Navigation Bar for improved navigation. It provides quick access to key app features and sections. This enhancement streamlines user interface and makes the mobile experience more user-friendly.

Mobile Native Comment Editor and Drawers Enhancements

To ensure efficient comment management, we are unveiling the Mobile Native Comment Editor. Feel more in sync with our interface as we enhance existing drawers, adding new ones for key user interactions. These changes allow a smoother, more responsive user experience on mobile devices.

Notification Mobile Screen Enhancement

Managing and responding to notifications have never been easier. With our improved Notification screen on mobile devices, engage in a more informative experience. We have enhanced the mobile notification interface for your convenience.

This release has greatly enhanced the mobile user interface. We have rejuvenated the overall look of the application for mobile devices. Improvements in navigation, comment editing, and notification management will surely enhance our users’ experience.

Stay tuned to more updates. We will be integrating a unified Bottom Navigation Bar across all our apps soon for consistent user experience.

Request a demo now to see these enhancements in action.

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