Exciting Updates for Multi-File Upload Feature: More Control and Flexibility

We are excited to announce a much-anticipated enhancement to the Multi-File Upload feature within our Form and Survey tools, aimed at providing you with even more control and flexibility.

Update Enhancements

This update focuses on two major improvements:

  1. File Deletion Capability: We understand the need for flexibility when it comes to handling uploaded files. That’s why we’ve added a new feature that allows you to delete individual files from the multi-file upload field. A handy delete icon located next to each file makes the process easy and straightforward.
  2. Expanded File Accessibility in Exports and Notifications: We’ve deeepened the integration of file uploads into CSV exports, email notifications, and auto-responders. Now, instead of just getting the first file’s link, every file in a multi-file upload field will have its own individual link. This enhancement streamlines accessing and managing multiple files for your convenience.

How It Works

Deleting a File:
To delete a file, just click the delete icon next to the desired file in the multi-file upload field during form or survey preview.

Delete Functionality

Accessing File Links:
Each file uploaded through the multi-file field now has its individual link provided in CSV exports, email notifications, and auto-responders. This implementation ensures easy document actionability and retrieval.

Individual File Links
Individual File Links

We hope these enhancements make your file handling in forms and surveys more convenient and efficient. As always, we welcome any feedback to continue improving your experience with our platform.

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