Exciting Product Updates Now Available!

Exciting Product Updates: Engaging Your Community Just Got Easier

We are elated to announce some significant enhancements to how you engage your community. Our latest updates are designed to boost interactions within your group – fostering a stronger, more engaged community.

New Features:

1. Enhanced Notifications

We realize how important it is for our users to stay informed about their group activities. To help you do just that, we’ve rolled out new notification features for post and comment likes:

  • Post Like: As a post author, you will now receive in-app notifications when other members of your group like your posts.
  • Comment Like: Similarly, if you’ve left a comment, we will send you an in-app notification whenever your comment is liked by other members.

2. Engage All: Introducing ‘@everyone’ Mention

Getting everyone’s attention can be crucial to the vibrancy of group discussions. With our new “@everyone” mention feature, you can now notify every group member about any essential posts or comments. Using this feature will trigger both email and in-app notifications to all group members to maximize engagement.

Platform Enhancements:

To support these new features and continue enhancing user experience, we’ve added in-app notification support for the following events:

  • Memebers requesting to join your group,
  • Decisions regarding group joining requests (approval or declination),
  • Receiving a group joining request,
  • Revoking of paid group access,
  • Announcing a new course availability in the group,
  • New members joining a public group.

Bug Fixes:

In our pursuit of delivering the smoothest user experience, we have addressed and fixed an issue that previously prevented users from deleting two courses consecutively from their group in certain scenarios.

Undoubtedly, these updates bring significant enhancements to user engagement and present an excellent opportunity for community managers to cement the members’ connection. On the road to building a more engaged and vibrant community, these updates are substantial milestones.

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