Exciting New Enhancements to Our Membership Platform

New Enhancements To Our Platform: Course Progress Optimization and More

We’re thrilled to announce the newest enhancements to our platform – a significant leap in your course tracking and viewing experiences. This update comes with course progress optimization and a few technical updates that aim to provide a seamless and effective learning environment.

Course Progress Optimization

Getting insights into your courses has been a crucial part of your journey with us. With the latest modification to how course progress is calculated, we’ve improved the real-time analysis of user progress, overcoming any system challenges that come with operating on a large scale.

With our new course progress analytics architecture, course progress updates are triggered on various events instantly. What’s more, this process is now precomputed for better efficiency and scalability.

Technical Updates

Assessment Analytics User Interface

We’ve updated our Assessment Analytics page to help you navigate through your assessments effortlessly, even at large scales. With added pagination and improved search functionality, we’re confident that our instructors will be able to analyze and interpret assessment data more efficiently.

Bug Fixes

To make your learning experience with us smoother, we’ve made an addition to our list of enhancements with a few crucial bug fixes:

Course Login Analytics Fixes

You won’t have to worry about inaccurate tracking and reporting of learner course access anymore; we’ve fixed issues relating to Course Login Analytics. Rest assured, course creators can now experience accurate tracking and reporting.

MCQ Quiz Fixes

We’re also excited to announce an overhaul in MCQ quizzes to make it align better with instructors and learners’ needs.

These changes are aimed to provide greater insights into user interaction and better element control to our instructors. We hope you find these updates useful in delivering improved courses and insights.

Learn more about these updates and their impact on your courses.

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