Enhancements to Connect Call Action – Custom Phone Number Support

Enhancements to Connect Call Action – Custom Phone Number Support

We are excited to introduce enhancements to our connect call actions, designed to give you more adaptability and better serve your needs. You can now add a custom phone number, an option that was previously unavailable.

What Are These Enhancements About?

There may be instances where you don't want users on the connect call, especially if the call is being redirected to a person in a different location. For instance, a central store may receive an IVR inbound call that based on inputs, gets redirected to different store IVRs (accounts). Adding a custom number makes this redirection easier and more efficient.

Custom Number Image

How to Set Up a Custom Number

With these new enhancements, setting up a custom number is straightforward. Simply click on the "Add Custom Number" field and input the phone number along with the relevant country code.

These improvements are in line with our commitment to provide you with the best user experience and help streamline your customer communication process. We continuously strive to make improvements that will benefit your operations and support your growth.

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