Enhanced URL Redirect List Page with Updated UI for Simplified Management

Enjoy a Cleaner and More Streamlined URL Redirect List Page with the Latest UI Revamp ✨

We are excited to announce the release of significant design enhancements to our URL redirect list page. With these improvements, you can now experience a more organized and efficient view of the URL redirect listings, making the process of creating and editing redirects smoother than ever. These updates will dramatically elevate the visual presentation of the URL redirect list page and provide you with a better overall experience.

URL Redirect List Page's New Features 🔥

The latest enhancements to the URL redirect list page include:

  • Micro frontend architecture: This efficient scaling feature enhances our platform's structure, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Updated models and components: By replacing old models and swapping outdated components with the latest ghl-ui technology, we continue to equip the Leads 365 platform with reliable and cutting-edge solutions.

Our team is continuously striving to enhance Leads 365, and we believe that these updates will significantly improve your user experience on our platform.

Updated Screens for a Seamless Experience 🖥️

Enjoy a more intuitive and visually appealing environment when managing URL redirects with these updated screens:

image (20)
image (21)
image (22)
image (25)

We hope you enjoy these latest enhancements and that they make your experience with Leads 365 even better. For more information on our amazing platform, you can request a demo today!

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