Enhanced Email Features: Introducing CC and BCC for Seamless Communication

Introducing Enhanced Email Features: Expanding Your Communication Possibilities

We are thrilled to roll out an update that escalates your email communication to a new level — meet the CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) features in our email composer. This improvement enables you to incorporate multiple parties in your conversations, ensure transparency where necessary, and uphold confidentiality when required.


More Flexibility in Your Outreach

Our updated email composer now includes designated fields for CC and BCC, providing easy access for extra recipients during your email composition. This intuitive upgrade not only supports our 'To' field, but also introduces CC and BCC functions for thorough, wider coverage of your communication.

CC Feature: Keep Stakeholders in the Loop

With our CC option, you can now incorporate additional recipients in your email threads. This feature empowers you to send copies of your emails to specified recipients, maintaining open communication and up-to-date information sharing.

BCC Feature: Guarantee Confidentiality

The BCC feature caters to your need for privacy, allowing you to include recipients while maintaining their anonymity. Without disclosure to 'To' or 'CC' recipients, BCC recipients receive their own copies, shielding their identity and involvement in the email thread.


Streamlined Synchronization

The integration of these features is seamlessly aligned with our 2-way sync option. Therefore, all additions or removals of recipients will be consistently reflected in Gmail/Outlook and vice versa.

Limitations and Availability

While these features elevate your email communication, there are a few limitations to bear in mind. An external email added to CC/BCC will not create a contact. An existing contact's email address added in CC/BCC will only appear in the primary contact's conversation. At this stage, mid-thread removal of CC/BCC recipients is not possible, and 'Reply All' is the only response option available for emails with CC/BCC recipients.

You can access this feature as "CC BCC v2" under the Labs section in Sub-Account Settings. It is available for all email channels, including Mailgun, Leadconnector (2-way Sync) – Gmail, Outlook, SMTP email, Custom Providers, and Custom Conversations Providers.

Are you excited to leverage these new features? Learn more about how to streamline your email communication.

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  • This feature is available for all email channels, including Mailgun, Leadconnector(2 Way Sync) – Gmail and Outlook, SMTP email, Custom Providers and Custom Conversations Providers.