Enhanced Control Over Lost Reasons: Introducing the New Opportunity Custom Fields Update

New Product Update: Improved Control Over Opportunity Lost Reasons

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to the Opportunity Custom Fields Settings. Now, you can add, rename, delete, and manage your Opportunity Lost Reasons with ease. This change allows for a more refined control over the options your users see while marking an opportunity as lost.

Take Charge of Lost Reasons

Our latest update introduces the following enhancements:

  1. Add New Reasons: You can now add new lost reasons, offering more flexibility to suit your business’ unique needs.
  2. Rename Existing Reasons: Update the lost reasons to match your internal terminologies and create seamless alignment across your team.
  3. Delete Existing Reasons: Remove outdated or unnecessary lost reasons to streamline your user interface.

Lost Reasons in Export: A Plus For Data Analysis

This exciting update wouldn’t be complete without additional data analysis capabilities. The lost reasons will also be available as a new column when exporting opportunities.

This valuable data can provide insights into areas where your business may be losing prospects, informing strategic decisions to improve conversion rates.

Note: This Feature is found in the Labs section under the title: “Lost reason for opportunities”.

Here’s a sneak preview of how this looks:

Opportunity Lost Reasons Update

Export Options Include Lost Reasons

We continuously strive to enhance your experience and efficiency. Look out for more updates and in case you missed our last product update, check it out here. Happy managing!