Enhanced Collective Booking: Introducing Seamless Zoom and Google Meet Integration

Streamlining Collective Booking with New Integration

We're excited to announce a new enhancement to our Collective Booking feature. Now, when scheduling appointments, users have the option to use either Zoom or Google Meet as a meeting location. This streamlines your scheduling process, making it even more effortless and user-friendly by automatically generating the meeting URLs. This feature combines SMBcrm's powerful scheduling tools with two of the leading platforms in virtual meetings, continuing our commitment to provide you with highly integrated and efficient workflows.

Why this Enhancement?

We consistently aim to cater to our users' feedback and suggestions. Our user community expressed a strong desire for default meeting options for Zoom and Google Meet to be implemented into the Collective Booking feature. Reacting to this feedback, we incorporated these platforms into our system, enabling easier and more efficient scheduling processes that adapt to your preferred tools.

Impact of the Enhancement

This new integration greatly enhances the usability and efficiency of Collective Booking. Particularly for users who extensively utilize Zoom or Google Meet for their meetings, this update brings about game-changing conveniences. By automatically generating meeting URLs upon the booking of appointments, users no longer have to rely on static meeting URLs.

This enhancement not only makes scheduling smoother but also significantly reduces the risk of mishaps due to incorrect URLs or forgotten meeting details. Now, with every appointment scheduled, a unique and correct URL is instantly produced, ensuring a seamless and organized meeting experience.

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